Bookings Terms & Conditions

Copy of a valid credit card must be given along with current photo identification.

Marina Terraces Port Douglas is a holiday accommodation complex.  The property is to be strictly used for these purposes by the Guest(s) and the number of occupants nominated on the Guest Booking Registration Form.  The Property is not to be used for any other purpose or by any greater number of occupants.  The use of the Property for a function, a party, a wedding or other gathering of more than the nominated number of occupants is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  If you use the Property for the above with more occupants other than listed on the booking registration form, management have the right to terminate your booking without refund and  the guest(s) and other occupants of the Property will be removed from the Property,  an additional tariff for any damage, cleaning costs associated will be charged.


Marina Terraces Port Douglas reserves the right to refuse any booking that it feels may be inappropriate or that falls across the period of Schoolies Weeks.